Chong Hua Hospital stands as a testament to the early Chinese immigrants’ struggle and eventual assimilation, evolving to an esteemed institution committed to excellent service for society – whether Chinese-Filipino, Filipino or otherwise.


The new millennium was ushered with the completion of the new Chong Hua Hospital “Twin Towers.” It stood as a tertiary 660-bed hospital serving the community not only in the Visayas, but also as far as Luzon and Mindanao, providing a fully integrated and comprehensive quality medical services and excellent training to a new generation of healthcare providers.


In its pursuit of continuing the legacy of the Chong Hua Hospital distinctive brand of healthcare service, the new Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue came to fruition. Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue is a testament of Chong Hua Hospital’s commitment to the people of Cebu and its neighboring islands. It continues Chong Hua Hospital’s pursuit for world class excellence and service because its men and women have the Vision, the Heart and the Will to Serve.


Asociacion Benevola de Cebu, Inc.
Board of Trustees

Through the years, Chong Hua Hospital has served as the invaluable arm of the Asociacion Benevola de Cebu, Inc. in the delivery of its corporate social responsibilities to the community.

Our Vision

To be the preferred comprehensive healthcare institution providing excellent patient experience in the Asia-Pacific region by 2030.

Our Mission

We exist to heal with passion and care with compassion in the communities that we serve.

We demonstrate this by...

  • Upholding the health of every person by providing comprehensive, quality, safe, and compassionate healthcare.
  • Nurturing highly competent, committed, & dynamic healthcare staff and providing state-of-the-art facilities that drive service excellence.
  • Promoting a culture of safety and an environment of patient-centered care.
  • Steering growth towards resilient and sustainable operations through continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Fostering learning excellence in the various fields of medicine and health services.
  • Building and strengthening our relationship with the community through partnerships and environment-friendly corporate practices.

...our commitment to the personal and professional growth and well-being of our people.

Core Values

Integrity (we are honest and honorable in all our actions and dealings with each other, our partners, and stakeholders)

Compassion (we have a strong desire to alleviate the sufferings of others)

Active Teamwork (we exhibit collaborative team effort to reach our common goal)

Respect (we treat everyone with dignity and with high regard)

Excellence (we do everything with high quality standards and seize every opportunity to continuously improve and innovate)

Position Statement

Healing with Passion. Caring with Compassion.

Our Leaders

Victoriano Go

Victoriano Go

President / CEO

Dr. Helen Po

Dr. Helen Po


Dr. Cesar Quiza

Dr. Cesar Quiza

Medical Director

Atty. Dean Decal

Atty. Dean Decal

Hospital Administrator