Pharmacy & Therapeutic Services

Services Available:

  • Inpatient Pharmacy Services 
  • Outpatient Pharmacy Services 
    • Prescription Only Medications 
    • Over the Counter Medications 
    • Dangerous Drugs Preparations (following PDEA Regulations) 
    • Chemotherapeutic Agents 
  • Parenteral IV admixing and Extemporaneous Compounding Services

All medications administered to inpatients must come from the hospital pharmacy to avoid the use of fake, substandard or expired medicines.

Only oral non-injectable medications brought into the hospital upon admission may be used as long as they comply with the hospital pharmacy's requirements. All parenteral / injectable drugs should come from the hospital's pharmacy. Parenteral / injectable drugs bought outside will no longer be administered to the patient.

The hospital pharmacy is located at the Upper Ground Floor beside the Chapel. It is open twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

Over-the-counter cash purchases will get an 18% discount on the regular price.

Non-over-the-counter inpatient medication will get an 8% discount upon full cash payment on discharge.

Senior citizens will get 20% discount off the regular price regardless of cash or charge accounts.